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Azure Information Protection Documentation Update for July 2019
Published Jul 31 2019 10:00 AM 2,591 Views

The Documentation for Azure Information Protection been updated on the web and the latest content has a July 2019 (or later) date at the top of the article.


Fast on the heels of June's preview release of the Azure Information unified labeling client, July saw the general availability (GA) release of this client, together with an updated GA release of the classic client.  The preview statements are removed throughout the documentation. Now that the unified labeling client supports labels with user-defined permissions that prompt for custom permissions, and has support for advanced settings, more admins are deploying this client so that their users benefit from a more consistent labeling experience across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.  


July also saw the release of a new PowerShell module, AIPService, which replaces the AADRM module to administer the protection service (Azure Rights Management) from Azure Information Protection.  The new cmdlets have aliases to the older AADRM cmdlets, with the exception of deprecated cmdlets for logging that are no longer used:

  • Enable-AadrmUsageLogFeature
  • Disable-AadrmUsageLogFeature
  • Get-AadrmUsageLog
  • Get-AadrmUsageLogFeature
  • Get-AadrmUsageLogLastCounterValue
  • Get-AadrmUsageLogStorageAccount
  • Set-AadrmUsageLogStorageAccount

The other cmdlets have the same functionality but are renamed, to better reflect the current product name.  There are just a small number of technical changes:

  • The parameter name Emailaddress from Set-AadrmDoNotTrackUserGroup is now GroupEmailAddress in the equivalent cmdlet, Set-AIPServiceDoNotTrackUserGroup
  • Connect-AipService (replaces Connect-AadrmService) has a new parameter, EnvironmentName, for sovereign clouds (for example, AzureUSGovernment)
  • The example script to connect to Azure Information Protection with an access token has been updated for Connect-AipService (replaces Connect-AadrmService)

All references in the Azure Information Protection documentation have been updated to use the new cmdlets. As a side benefit of this new module, we've been able to remove minimum versions of the module for features that rely on PowerShell.  Support for the AADRM module ends July 15th, 2020


We listen to your feedback and try to incorporate it whenever possible. Let me know if you have feedback about the technical documentation for Azure Information Protection. I also encourage you to head over to our Yammer site to see what others are discussing.


What's new in the documentation for Azure Information Protection, July 2019


Central reporting for Azure Information Protection

- Updated to include data reported by Microsoft Cloud App Security. In addition, the information about the known issue and workaround for data sometimes not displaying is now removed because this issue is confirmed fixed.


How to migrate Azure Information Protection labels to Office 365 sensitivity labels

- Updated to reflect changes for the current GA version of the unified labeling client and removed the section that was added last month for copying policies. The Copy policies feature will not be made available to all tenants, so this information is now removed from the documentation.  In addition, references to problems with duplicate labels are also removed now that the migration process uses the label ID as the distinguishing name.


Administering protection from Azure Information Protection by using PowerShell

- Updated for the AIPService PowerShell module, which replaces the older AADRM module.


Installing the AIPService PowerShell module

- Updated for the AIPService module, with instructions if you are currently using the AADRM module. You must uninstall the older module before you can install the AIPService module.


The client side of Azure Information Protection

- Updates throughout to include changes for this month's new GA version of the unified labeling client. In addition, support for multiple languages is now added for the unified labeling client. There are no changes to the section Features not planned to be in the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client.


Azure Information Protection unified labeling client - Version release history and support policy
- New section for this month's GA release: Version


Azure Information Protection client: Version release history and support policy

- New section for this month's GA release: Version


PowerShell: Azure Information Protection

- This overview page for all the PowerShell modules for Azure Information Protection is updated for the new AIPService module.


PowerShell module: AADRM

- Updated with the deprecation notice and end of support date (July 15, 2020) for this older module. Each cmdlet page for this module has a similar notice.


PowerShell module: AIPService

- New documentation for all the cmdlets from this new module


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