Azure Information Protection Documentation Update for August 2019
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The Documentation for Azure Information Protection been updated on the web and the latest content has an August 2019 (or later) date at the top of the article.


No big releases this month, although the sharp-eyed among you might have noticed additional information being reported for Azure Information Protection analytics, which meant an update to the Central reporting for Azure Information Protection article.  Not a complete replacement for the document tracking site, but you can now see when a protected document was accessed (successfully, or denied) in your Log Analytics workspace. This information is retrieved from the protection usage logs, which means that this access information isn't restricted to users in your tenant and is independent from specific clients or services.


Most of the other doc updates this month are for corrections and requests for clarifications.  We listen to your feedback and try to incorporate it whenever possible. Let me know if you have feedback about the technical documentation for Azure Information Protection. I also encourage you to head over to our Yammer site to see what others are discussing.


What's new in the documentation for Azure Information Protection, August 2019


Frequently asked questions for Azure Information Protection

- New entry: How can I determine if my tenant is on the unified labeling platform?


Requirements for Azure Information Protection

- Updated the Firewalls and network infrastructure section, with a new method to check whether your firewall might be terminating your TLS connection to the Azure Rights Management service, which will result in a failed connection.


Planning and implementing your Azure Information Protection tenant key

- Updated the table in the Choosing your key vault location, to include entries for and, which are used with sovereign clouds.


Central reporting for Azure Information Protection

- Updated to include data from the protection usage reports, and the corresponding new event functions of Access and AccessDenied.


Configuring the Azure Information Protection policy

- Updated the Signing in to the Azure portal section, to clarify that Microsoft accounts cannot manage Azure Information Protection. This information is also added to the FAQ Do you need to be a global admin to configure Azure Information Protection, or can I delegate to oth...


Deploying the Azure Information Protection scanner to automatically classify and protect files

- Updated for the following:


Installing and configuring the Azure Rights Management connector

- Updated the requirements for the user account installing the RMS connector, with the information that if you're using Azure AD Conditional Access, do not block legacy authentication for this account. 


Microsoft-managed: Tenant key life cycle operations

- Updated to clarify that all current global adminsitrators for your tenant will be contacted by email if communication is required for key management operations.


Azure Information Protection unified labeling client - Version release history and support policy

- Updated for the new general availability version, This release contains important bug fixes but no new features.


Azure Information Protection unified labeling client administrator guide

- Updated the Installation checks and troubleshooting section, to add information about the Report an Issue option that you can add with an advanced setting, and a link to the Support options and community resources information.


Admin Guide: Custom configurations for the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client

- New policy advanced setting, EnableAudit, to disable sending audit data to Azure Information Protection analytics.


Azure Information Protection client: Version release history and support policy

- Updated the information for release, to clarify how the newly introduced endpoint discovery works for this client, and the related advanced client settings.


Admin Guide: File types supported by the Azure Information Protection client

- Updated the list of files types supported for inspection to include .doc and .dot. The same information is added to the admin guide for the unified labeling client.


PDF readers that support Microsoft Information Protection

- What used to be a single page is now presented as separate pages for the downloads by platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.


Terminology for Azure Information Protection

- Added entries for Microsoft Information Protection and unified label.


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