Azure Information Protection Documentation Update for April 2017
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First published on CloudBlogs on Apr 28, 2017
Hi everybody Our technical writer, Carol Bailey, is letting you know what’s new and hot in the docs for April. Reminders: Follow us on Twitter ( @DanPlastina ) and join in our peer community at . Dan (on behalf of the Information Protection team) The Documentation for Azure Information Protection has been updated on the web and the latest content has an April 2017 (or later) date at the top of the article. Updates for this month include the promised revised migration guidance, improved support for Android (certificate-based authentication and Office Mobile for AD RMS), and supporting documentation for the recently released preview for unified administration . Have feedback about the documentation for Azure Information Protection?  We value customer feedback and try to incorporate it whenever possible.  If you have feedback about our documentation, let us know by emailing .

What's new in the documentation for Azure Information Protection, April 2017

Documentation articles that have significant technical changes since the last update (February 2017): Office applications and services - Revised the SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server section, for clarifications about the different levels of permissions (blocking inheritance for unique permissions) with links to the corresponding instructions for configuration. Azure Active Directory requirements for Azure Information Protection - Updated the Scenarios that have specific requirements section, to add information about certificate-based authentication for Android. Selecting a certificate is also added to the end user documentation, How do I get started with the viewer app? Applications that support Azure Rights Management data protection - Updated the supported application table that previously said Office Mobile for Android was restricted to Azure RMS only. The Active Directory Rights Management Services Mobile Device Extension documentation is updated accordingly. FAQs for classification and labeling in Azure Information Protection - Updated Do I need to be a global admin to configure classification and labels? and Which options in the Azure portal are P2? (renamed). Information and support for Azure Information Protection - Updated the section about To contact Microsoft Support , now that customers with an Azure Information Protection subscription or EMS subscription can submit a support ticket by using the Azure portal. Migrating from AD RMS to Azure Information Protection - Revised throughout and matches the new migration scripts on the Microsoft Download Center. There is a new preparation phase , where the work you do upfront makes for a smoother migration later and does not impact the production network. For environments that are highly sensitive to disruptions to the business, this strategy can help to get a migration project off the ground. Planning and implementing your Azure Information Protection tenant key - Updated to remove the restriction that you cannot move from a BYOK key topology to a Microsoft-managed key topology. This restriction is now removed with the v2.9 PowerShell module version for Azure Rights Management, and the new cmdlet, Set-AadrmKeyProperties .  Note that this cmdlet also changes how you run the Import-AadrmTemplate cmdlet, which is reflected in the migration guide . Configuring usage rights for Azure Rights Management - Updated the usage rights table to include the name in the Azure portal for the preview release, and added information about granting rights and setting permission levels for emails. This page also has a new section that explains the Rights Management issuer and Rights Management owner, and the impact of these on protected content. How to configure a label for Rights Management protection - Updated for the new protection settings that are now released in preview. Azure Information Protection client administrator guide - New entry for custom configurations: Prevent sign-in prompts for AD RMS only computers
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