Azure Information Protection - Custom permissions

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Hi folks,
I have a quick query about the user experience when it comes to turning on AIP protection for labels.
We have pushed out a default label policy to all of our users with no protection enabled on any of the published labels. This is so we could get users familiar with the process of applying labels without there being an initial impact on access to documents that may have been incorrectly labelled during this learning process.
For one of these labels, called "Confidential", we now want to turn on protection and allow end users set the access permissions and privileges for each document that has this label.

My question is, what does the users experience for this look like? Once I turn on this protection in the compliance center for this label, will the next user who opens up this document be requested to set the permissions? Or will it just be the user who originally applied the label that is prompted to do so? Or a document owner maybe?

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.


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