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Azure Guest Account - Invitation email is not receiving for invited user

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We are trying to create guest accounts in Azure using Microsoft Graph API ( But, we have observed that the invited user did not receive any email invitation which should happen automatically.


Sample POST request that we are using:


  "invitedUserEmailAddress""Email address",
Could you please help us in this regards.
Thank you in advance.
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What does the response show? Does the user receive an email if you send the invite via the AAD UI? And of course make sure they check their spam folder.

Thank you so much @VasilMichev  for your reply.

Yes it is working from AAD UI. But not using Microsoft graph API.


Here is the request and response of the REST API(

Please let us know if we miss anything here.








Hi @VasilMichev,


Its working after setting the "sendInvitationMessage" property with value 'true' to the invitation request body.


From the documentation thought, sending invitation happens implicitly.


Thank you.

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