Azure Defender for IoT: Defending IT and OT for DoD and Defense Industrial Base from CMMC to JADC2



(10) Azure Defender for IoT: Defending IT and OT for DoD and Defense Industrial Base from CMMC to JA...

Presenter(s): Joe DiPietro, Chris Cleary, Josh O'Sullivan.
Please join Microsoft, Ardalyst, and featured defense expert where we will discuss the critical components of a mature cyber defense program from the cradle to the grave of DoD systems. As most DoD warfighting capabilities are born and die in the DIB, we will explore the current art and science of IT and OT cyber defense and its implications from a full lifecycle perspective through a combined government and industry panel. 
Defending commercial industry and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) from an Information and Operational Technologies (IT and OT) perspectives underpins the challenges we have in a Joint fight. As the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) comes online, it parallels the need for the DoD to mature internal cyber defense requirements and the resilient supply chain necessary to support it.  
During the webinar, we will help you better understand:
  • Why can’t we fix the vulnerabilities in technologies, specifically OT? 
  • What is the best way to effectively sensor a system? 
  • How do we leverage threat intelligence to understand and adapt against adversaries? 
  • How can OT sensors deter adversaries? 
  • What is the right workforce to deter, detect, and engage adversaries?  
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