Azure AIP vs SharePoint and Exchange Online IRM

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Hello all,


how is AIP and IRM integration at the moment ? Last time i checked this there were some issues with AIP protected documents in IRM protected libraries meaning that id a document was already protected by AIP IRM would fail. in the event that you have configured the library only to accept documents that are able to be protected then AIP protected documents would fail.


How about editing AIP protected documents in Office Online ? is it possible to edit AIP protected documents in the office online web apps ?


Thanks in advance for your comments/feedback.

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The problem between AIP and IRM protected Libraries is that IRM applies encryption on download, no matter what the content is. These IRM libraries don't expect uploaded content to be protected in advance.


But AIP & SharePoint integration is getting tighter day after day. In this Ignite session you can see the recent progress and roadmap for new features, like scanning and protecting content automatically on any SPO, Exchange online, ODfB locations. Around minute 43 of the video, you can see SharePoint integration, and AIP protected Word document being edited in Word online.