Azure ADFS Authentication

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We want some details on how the users authentication will happen when try to login O365 url from Mumbai India, where Primary Data center is Azure {ADC+ADFS+WAP} and connected to On-prem Data Center which is located in US East & US WEST .

We have S2S VPN setup between both US EAST & US WEST to Azure Site in Active /Active mode configuration
As per below link


now our question is that after made Azure ADFS is primay , we already have 1 set of ADFS/WAP in both on-prem site for high availability mode


We are planned to switch on-premises ADFS as secondary and Azure Site as Primary and change pointing to Azure


In this scenario how the authentication will happen if the user is try to login from mumbai , where there is not direct connection to Azure site.


The user will get routed throught one of On-prem data center and connect to Azure Site for authentication 


The user is directly connect internet site (azure) for authentication when he connected to Office lan in mumbai.


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