Azure AD Identity Protection Notify Users

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In Identity Protection, is there a way to notify users when a risk detection happens?

I do not refer to "Users at risk detected alerts" nor to the "Weekly Digest".

I just need users are sent an e-mail when a risk is detected regarding their own account.


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Not by default, no. You can create a custom alert by scraping the corresponding risk detection events from the audit log.

@Vasil Michev you refer to Log Analytics alert rules, right?

There are many options, you can also get the Azure AD logs via the Graph API, query the Unified audit log in M365 via PowerShell or use the management activities API, etc.
I had prepared a Powershell script that invokes Graph API indeed, but I was wondering if there was a ready-to-use automation in order to keep it simple and standard. Thank you, Vasil.