Auto-labelling not applying

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I am testing auto application of Retention Labels in Compliance Centre.


I've created the label - all fine.


I've also created Label Policy that should auto apply on the following condition:



I've applied the content type to the library I'm using to test this and have waited for 1 week which is the length of time specified.


The label does not apply to any of the docs in the library. What am I doing wrong?





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When you say Content Type, are you referring to Sensitive Information Type? If so, I would be sure the SIT you are using and the document you have with the sensitive information in, triggers the 'Test Mode' on the SIT.

More often that not, when I see Auto-Labelling not working it is due to this.

I hope that helps,

No, I'm referring to SharePoint Content Types.


When SharePoint is enabled for sensitivity labels, you can configure a default label for document libraries. Then, any new files uploaded to that library, or existing files edited in the library will have that label applied if they don't already have a sensitivity label, or they have a sensitivity label but with lower priority.

i would also suggest checking the requirements to be met:

in addition also look at the limitations:

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Hi @Kotus-Tech365,


There could be a few things going on here.

  1. Is the SharePoint site a "modern" site that uses a Microsoft 365 group for access? If yes, when you create the retention label policy, choose "Microsoft 365 Group" as the location, not SharePoint sites. 99% of the time, this is the issue.
  2. Did you apply the content type to the specific document you want to label?
  3. Your condition may not be formatted correctly. It should be: ContentType:"content type name". It's important to add the quotes if the name has spaces.

Please let us know if these resolve the issue. The great news is that we are releasing a feature in February 2023 called simulation mode for retention labels that will help you test these policies in 24hrs rather than one week.