Auto labeling with condition doesn't work

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I could definitely use some help, cause I am getting close here!

I made a retention policy with an auto-apply with the following condition:

ContentType:"Jaarrekening" AND RefinableString00:"Definitief"

In the search index I mapped the metadata field with the Refinable string field. 

The query from the condition works when I use it in the search box!

However, new items still (after a week) does not get the retention label!

Even though I have a E5 license (user and admin)'s very frustrating.


I hope someone has some suggestions what might be the issue here? 



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Hi @Patricia_nl - sorry to hear about the issue. Have you followed all the instructions on this page?

Use retention labels to manage SharePoint document lifecycle - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Micr...


Here are some troubleshooting steps you might take:

  • Try pasting the KQL query into the content search tool in the compliance center. Did it return the documents you expected? If no, the issue is with the SharePoint managed property set up.
  • Are the documents located in SharePoint? Do those SharePoint sites use a Microsoft 365 Group for permissions? If yes, then select the Microsoft 365 Group location, not the SharePoint location. My guess is that the issue is this one.
  • Try using the policy lookup tool in the records management area of the compliance portal. Paste in the URL of site where you expect files to be labeled. Does the auto-apply policy show in the list? 
  • Auto-apply labels sometimes do take seven days to apply, so please check after it has been seven days: Automatically apply a retention label - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Microsoft Docs

If the above suggestions do not help, please reply here and we can look at some other possibilities.




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Hi Erica, Thanks for your suggestions!
I know the article and it was helpfull although I have a different approach and use the Microsoft Contenttype instead of a term in the termstore.
I tried the Content search, but I got an error with a part of the query which is assigned to a managed property (Refinablestring00). Cause I miss a lot of the other properties in the suggestions, I guessed I cannot rely on that. My guess is confirmed on Github:

I will try the group suggestion and wait for the next crawl, I will let you know, thanks again! Greetz, Patricia
It worked! I made 2 changes to the policy: I selected the Microsoft 365 group like you suggested. And I removed the quotes in the query to: ContentType:Jaarrekening AND RefinableString00:definitief
Not sure if both are neccessary, have to test that once more. But thanks a lot, Erica!

I am so glad to hear it worked! It was the Microsoft 365 Group location; I am 100% sure. Could you please do me a favor and mark my post as the best answer? Thank you!