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We have O365 +EMS E3 license. When we set up AIP unified labelling in the SCC I have set up Auto-Labelling. Does it required E5 or E3 ?

If E5 required, then why its enable on our tenancy and user assigned E3 work as expected. When user create a document with credit card details and upon save the document, the document gets classified with the appropriate label automatically. Also as shown on the screen shot if doesn't mentioned about E5 licence requirement. 



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@pradeepg290 Hey, as far as I know "auto features" requires E5. Do you have any E5 licenses in your org. besides E3? It's all you need to have premium features "lit up" per say. It's confusing though, I agree.


Did a search and found details here Microsoft 365 Compliance Licensing Comparison 




Thanks for your reply. Does it mean it is not required to have E5 for all users? 

eg- if we have 10000 users with O365 +EMS E3 and only 60 with E5 then this feature will work for all 10060 users? 


The link you have mentioned is not working. 


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@pradeepg290 Hi, sorry for the link! Let's try again


AFAIK you need to be licensed for all users affected, meaning you just cant have some E5. I assume your eligible and it's working with your E3 because you have AIP P2.


Take a look at the FAQ for reference, scroll down to 'Unified labeling and Security & Compliance Center'