Auto-assign retention label - Licensing question


The ability to auto-assign retention labels requires E5 (or advanced data governance) subscriptions, however my question is:


Do all users within an organisation need these licences, or only those who will access to files where auto-assign has been applied?


Simple scenario - a single SPO site, only accessed by 5 (out of 1000) users will use auto-assign to apply retention labels to files. Do I need 5 or 1,000 E5 (or advanced data governance) subscriptions?

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I'm not aware of any Microsoft document detailing this, and we know for a fact that Microsoft does not enforce licensing requirements on many features. I've asked this question to be answered/clarified in the official documentation, hopefully someone will follow up on the request...

Thanks @Vasil Michev, been looking for clarification/guidance on this for a while without much success.


I am thinking/hoping the answer relates to people with access to the documents that are auto-classified but need to be sure as cost implications are significant. 

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Hi James - thanks for the question, and sorry it has been a difficult one to resolve. the licensing principle is that the users who will be contributors to the site or content that has been auto-labeled should be licensed for Advanced Compliance or E5.