Audit log for Domain management

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Are there any audit logs available for activities related to the management of DNS records? 


We've just discovered an incident where all of our customer's custom #DNS records for every single one of our #domains managed in Office 365 Admin Center have dissappeared and we can't tell if this was a system issue or if a user did this. 


Also, is there any recommended governance and reporting around the management of Domains. I'd like to avoid this situation in future because it effectively means all our customer's websites went down. 

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I haven't seen such events in the logs, the documentation doesn't seem to list anything relevant too. @Anne Michels might be able to share something.



Hi Jacques,

we currently don't have and audit for activities related to the management of DNS records. We also don't have recommended governance or reporting around the management of domains as we have not received this request from many customers yet.

We're happy to look into your case. Can you please send us your tenant ID and domains? You can send it to me via email anne.michels(@) and we'll investigate further on our side.



Thanks @Anne Michels I appreciate the offer. We've manage to resolve the issues finally, but we're still unsure if this was caused by a system failure or by a person. My main thought would be that this sort of change has potentially desastrous affects on a client and I'm surprised that there's nothing in place to audit these actions. This incident caused outages for 4 of this companies public facing websites for two days. 

Great to hear that you were able to solve this. I've shared your feedback with our engineering team.