Apply sensitivity label to all documents in a Sharepoint

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Currently we have a client that wants to start implementing Information Protection labels.

(Licenses = M365 E3 + M365 E5 Security)

What they would like is to apply labels based on what Sharepoint the document is in. So let's say they have a Sharepoint called: 'Management'. What we would like is for all documents created or moved to this Sharepoint to be applied the label called 'Management'.


Currently I only see the possibility of applying it with Cloud App Security. I tried applying a label to the Sharepoint directly, but this does not seem to automatically apply it to the documents within it.

Am I missing something? Are there any other options?


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You can indeed use MCAS for your purpose. However, I am not sure that it is possible to target a SharePoint site. With a library it is possible.
Joanne KLEIN explains how to do this:

You can indeed use MCAS for this, but there is a low limit on the number of such policies you can use for this purpose, so it's not very scalable.

Adding this functionality to SharePoint directly is on the current roadmap; I'd wait for that.