Apply a default sensitivity label to all documents in SharePoint/OneDrive

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I know about automatic labelling feature of Security and Compliance that scans SharePoint/OneDrive sites and automatically apply a label based on sensitive info detected. 


My question is about applying a default label i.e. "Is it possible to apply a default label to all documents in a site irrespective of any sensitive info"?

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@Gurdev Singh Hi, unfortunately, that is not possible as of yet.


There's some preview functionality available ( + but they don't work in such a way like old IRM in SharePoint did (=all existing documents were downloaded with RMS protection). The first preview behaves as access control (=conditonal access, no content ecryption or markings), the second one can apply default label to new documents you save directly to SharePoint (=not to existing documents).

@Gurdev Singh 


When publishing the labels, in the policy setting, there is a choice to apply a particular label by default to all documents and emails. 




Personally I've not tried it but that looks like it should apply a label to everything.  Give the label a name like Internal.