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Application remoting and the Cloud
Published Sep 08 2018 09:11 AM 29.4K Views
First published on CloudBlogs on Aug 12, 2016
Today we are announcing the next step in our broad partnership with Citrix in the remote desktop and applications space, which we recently expanded to address new scenarios for our joint customers on the Azure cloud . Customers have provided us consistent feedback that they want a comprehensive, end-to-end, cloud-based solution for delivering Windows apps. The best way for us to deliver this is with Citrix through XenApp "express" , currently under development. XenApp "express" combines the simplicity of application remoting and the scalability of Azure with the security, management, and performance benefits of XenApp, to deliver Windows applications to any employee on any device. We will have much more to share on this offering through the coming months. Given this, we will gradually wind down the delivery of Azure RemoteApp over the next year. We are absolutely committed to ensuring our existing Azure RemoteApp customers have a smooth transition. Additional options for customers include moving to a hosted solution through one of our many hosting partners , as well as Remote Desktop Services deployed on Azure IaaS . We will continue to support existing Azure RemoteApp customers on the service through August 31st, 2017, when the service will be wound down. We are following up directly with customers who are currently using Azure RemoteApp to ensure these options are understood and they have the support they need through this transition. New purchases of Azure RemoteApp will end as of October 1st, 2016.
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