Anyway to disable Office 365 ATP Scanning of specific URLs?

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I've just noticed that the Office 365 ATP Safe Links is causing a minor issue for our ITSM application by going through every link in a ticket completion notification it automatically triggers a "I'm satisified" response. 

Maybe I'm missing but I haven't found a way to disable the scanning of specific domains/URLs, only for specific recipients in general. 

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Hi Ivan,


As you are using a email relay you might want to create a Transport rule to bypass Safe Links.

  1. Create a new mail flow rule.
  2. Click more options.
  3. Apply this rule if….Senders IP address is in the range…"your relay static ip"
  4. Do the following…Set the message header…
     X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SkipSafeLinksProcessing = 1

Hope this helps.