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Announcing the Mobile Device Management Design Considerations Guide
Published Sep 08 2018 06:39 AM 505 Views
First published on CloudBlogs on May 15, 2015

If you’re an IT Architect or IT Professional and you need to design a mobile device management (MDM) solution for your organization, there are many questions that you have to answer prior to recommending the best solution for the problem that you are trying to solve.  Microsoft has many new options available to manage mobile devices that can match your business and technical requirements.

We’ve heard feedback from consultants and customers requesting a consolidated guide that can help them choose the best Microsoft MDM solution for their requirements - so we’re announcing the new Mobile Device Management Design Considerations Guide !

This guide will help you answer the following questions:

  • What questions do I need to answer to drive a MDM-specific design for a technology or problem domain that best meets my requirements?
  • What is the sequence of activities I should complete to design a MDM solution for the technology or problem domain?
  • What MDM technology and configuration options are available to help me meet my requirements, and what are the trade-offs between those options so that I can select the best option for my MDM requirements?

These areas are covered in different steps that will guide you through the complete design process:

Check out the guide here , and if you prefer to download a copy for offline reading just go to the bottom of the topic for a link to the PDF version. We hope you like this guide and feel free to email us or send direct feedback to us via Twitter:

Yuri Diogenes @yuridiogenes

Robert Mazzoli @robertmazzoli

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