Announcing the launch of Remote Desktop Services Script Center to ease management

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First published on CloudBlogs on Nov, 04 2009

Hi everyone. We have published scripts to help simplify Remote Desktop Services management—including Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) management. You can download these scripts from the Remote Desktop Services page on Script Center .

Here are some of the Remote Desktop Services management scripts that are available now:

Virtual machine management

Configure Guest OS for VDI (can be run as GP start-up script)

Virtual machine assignment management

Bulk assign virtual machines to users or pools

List VM assignment information

Infrastructure setup: RD Connection Broker cluster creation and management

Manage RD Connection Broker cluster (create, add nodes)

Update RD Connection Broker configuration across nodes in a cluster

Troubleshooting: Configuration verification


Monitor sessions

Generate usage report

Deploy RemoteApp programs to the Start menu by using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection

Please visit the Script Center and try these scripts, and then let us know what you think. You can provide feedback either through the Comments section or the Discussion feature in Script Center.

You can also upload your scripts to Script Center. Click Upload on the right side of the Script Gallery home page and follow the simple process.

We’ll update this post when additional scripts are available. Keep watching this space.

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