Announcing the general availability of Insider Risk Management
Published Feb 20 2020 06:00 AM 60.7K Views

A survey by Crowd Research Partners indicated that 90% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider risks and 53% confirmed insider risks against their organization in the previous 12 months.


Insider Risk Management in Microsoft 365 helps you and your organization leverage machine learning to identify and action on insider risks. Our born-in-the-cloud multi-tenant solution is designed for scale and is currently processing over 2 billion audit events and emails daily. 


Since Insider Risk Management went to public preview in mid-January we have had tremendous customer engagement. The primary feedback from customers in the preview was the ability to quickly just get started, even without the need to deploy agents to configure manual data ingestion. 


Today, we move to the next phase and are excited to announce the general availability of Insider Risk Management. Now, in addition to multi-tenant customers worldwide being able to access this solution, customers in certain go-local datacenters can too.


Insider Risk Management helps your organization leverage machine learning to identify and take action on insider threats by:


  • Correlating native and third-party signals within tailored policy templates leveraging ML and AI to identify insider threats
  • Ensuring employee privacy is built-in with controls
  • Enabling end-to-end investigations with integrated workflows across IT, HR and legal teams


Insider Risk Management will start rolling out to customer’s tenants in the coming days. Insider Risk Management is part of the Microsoft 365 E5 suite, and you can sign up for a trial or navigate to the Microsoft 365 compliance center to get started.


Learn more about what’s new with Insider Risk Management and how to get started and configure policies in your tenant in this supporting documentation.  We look forward to hearing your feedback. 


** Successful insider risk management programs are built on a framework that identifies insider risks, quickly takes actions against those risks and matures the program through progressive iterations. Read more about building an effective insider risk program here.


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-Talhah Mir


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