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Announcing an Expanded Enterprise Mobility Partnership with HP: Adding EMS to HP’s Mobility Portfolio
Published Sep 08 2018 06:29 AM 374 Views
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First published on CloudBlogs on Apr 24, 2015
Today HP and Microsoft announced a deeper partnership around Enterprise Mobility , and I want to provide a little personal perspective on this announcement, the partnership, and why I believe millions of customers will see huge benefits from this. First, it is no exaggeration to say that Microsoft and HP have one of the longest-standing and strategic partnerships in the technology industry. When you look at the roots both companies have in the PC and Server business, you see that both have worked together on behalf of millions of customers for decades. Today’s announcement builds on this history. When I joined Microsoft in 2003, one of the first partners I met with was EDS . At this time, EDS had a very large PC management outsourcing business (built on top of what was then SMS) that was managing millions of PCs. As we all know, EDS was purchased by HP in 2008, and the number of PCs under management through SCCM has since grown by millions. Throughout those years, we have continued to work together closely to ensure SCCM has delivered what HP needs to delight their customers. Likewise, HP and Microsoft have been working closely on Exchange for decades. This partnership goes back to the days when Compaq was an independent company. The Windows Server and Exchange teams at Microsoft worked very closely with their counterparts at Compaq at a time when we were really just beginning our investment in both products. In 2002 Compaq was acquired by HP, and, since then, HP has built an incredible service offering wherein they host millions of Exchange mailboxes. As our work in this Mobile-First, Cloud-First world continues to expand, Microsoft and HP share a common interest: Supporting customers who want to capitalize on these industry changes and use them to empower their business and differentiate their offerings. With this goal in mind, we have been working together for months to define the service offerings and solutions that are being announced today. If you are one of the many organizations already using HP’s tremendous offerings for Hosted Exchange or desktop management, today’s announcement provides you with a simple and integrated path forward to expand your operation into the critical area of Enterprise Mobility. To learn more about what HP has announced, follow this link . At Microsoft we have been doing tremendous integration across Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). This work enables your users to be productive on the devices they love while helping your company stay secure. This includes breakthroughs in data leakage protection capabilities , identity management , SaaS management , and SCCM integration . In December 2014, HP announced services for Office 365 that support our enterprise customers, and now, combined with today’s announcement on EMS, HP is in a position to support customers with end-to-end services around Office 365 and EMS. O365 + EMS delivers (by far!) the most flexible and secure platform to enable users to be productive on any device – with the Office mobile apps really at the center of the solution. To learn more about Microsoft’s cross-company effort behind Enterprise Mobility, check out this blog series . I am excited about this next step in our partnership, and I love how we are building on 20+ years of partnership. I believe what is being delivered here will provide tremendous value and benefit for all our customers.
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