Announcement: Safeguarding your cloud resources with Azure security services

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While cloud security continues to be a top concern, Microsoft recently shared insights from a survey that show overall concern has dropped significantly since 2015. As many organizations push forward on their digital transformation through increased use of cloud services, understanding the current state of cloud security is essential.


Maintaining a strong security posture for your cloud-based innovation is a shared responsibility between you and your cloud provider. With Microsoft Azure, securing cloud resources is a partnership between Microsoft and our customers, so it’s essential that you understand the comprehensive set of security controls and capabilities available to you on Azure. 


Microsoft Azure is built on a foundation of trust and security. With significant investments in security, compliance, privacy, and transparency, Azure provides a secure foundation to host your infrastructure, applications, and data in the cloud. Microsoft also provides built-in security controls and capabilities to further help you protect your data and applications on Azure. These can be classified broadly into four categories

  • Manage and control user identity and access
  • Increase network and infrastructure security
  • Encrypt communications and operation processes
  • Defend against threats

Microsoft is committed to continued innovation in helping you protect your data, applications, and identities in the cloud. Innovations Microsoft has delivered most recently include:


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