ANNOUNCEMENT: MCAS 3rd Party IdP Documentation
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We have some exciting news to share about our Microsoft Cloud App Security documentation updates. Last year, we released the ability to deploy Real Time Controls using any identity provider (IdP). After receiving initial feedback from our customers and the field, the top three most requested IdPs were PingOne, Okta, and AD FS.


The configuration can be tricky. We thought publishing an example for each IdP would be useful for our users. We are happy to announce that all three guides are now LIVE!


They can be found here:


  1. Configuring your PingOne IdP: Deploy Cloud App Security Conditional Access App Control for any web app using PingOne | Microsoft D...
  2. Configuring your AD FS IdP: Deploy Cloud App Security Conditional Access App Control for any web app using AD FS | Microsoft Doc...
  3. Configuring your Okta IdP: Deploy Cloud App Security Conditional Access App Control for any web app using Okta | Microsoft Docs

If you have any feedback or would like to see examples of other identity providers, please leave a comment below!




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