Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for January 2010

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First published on CloudBlogs on Jan, 29 2010
[Today's post comes from the Configuration Manager Writing Team ]

The Configuration Manager documentation library ( ) has been updated on the Web and the latest content on the Web has Updated: January 1, 2010 at the top of the topic.

This month's updates contain an updated support statement that in-band provisioning for AMT-based computers is now supported on client computers running Windows 7.  We have also updated topics to incorporate customer feedback.  We do value customer feedback and try to incorporate it when possible.  Although we can't promise to make the docs perfect for everybody, we are committed to continual improvement.  So, keep that feedback coming, and feel free to contact us about anything related to the documentation by using our usual address of .

What's New in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library for January 2010

The following information lists the topics that contain significant changes since the December 2009 update.

Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Supported Configurations

- Removal of the statement that in-band provisioning is not supported on Windows 7.  This topic also has an updated section about BranchCache, to clarify its integration with Configuration Manager 2007 SP2.

Certificate Requirements for Native Mode

- Updated for the client authentication certificate that might be used with an operating system deployment in native mode. This certificate must have a unique value for the Subject Name and unlike the client authentication certificate that is used by native mode clients, it does not support a certificate SAN value.

Troubleshooting Management Point Communication

- Updated for clarity and with a warning that before running the MPCERT and MPLIST tests in a native mode site, a certificate must be imported into the browser.

Overview of Configuration Manager Client Deployment

- Updated the upgrade installation information with the clarification that you cannot use task sequences to upgrade the Configuration Manager client.

Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Upgrade Checklist

- Updated with the clarification that clients do not automatically upgrade when the site is upgraded, and you must take manual steps to ensure that clients are upgraded. This checklist also has a new step to back up a customized SMS_def.mof prior to the upgrade because this file is overwritten by Setup.

How to Export Certificates For Use With Operating System Deployment

- Updated to correct a step out of sequence.

How to Set a Maintenance Window

- Updated to clarify how the Maximum allowed run time value is evaluated by maintenance windows.  This clarification is also added to Program Name Properties: Requirements Tab .

How to Re-run an Advertisement

- Updated to clarify the differences between original advertisement schedules and those created by the Re-Run Advertisement action.  This clarification is also added to How to Assign a Mandatory Advertisement and the Troubleshooting section "Advertisements Created by Using Rerun Advertisement Might Run at the Wrong Time" in Troubleshooting Software Distribution Issues .

Modifying the Default Configuration Manager SMS_def.mof File Before Upgrading

- Updated to clarify that service pack upgrades to the Configuration Manager site removes any custom edits to the SMS_def.mof file. This information is incorporated into the upgrade checklist topics as an additional step to back up a customized SMS_def.mof file for reference before the upgrade, and then edit the SMS_def.mof on the site server after verifying the site upgrade.

Deployment Package Name Properties: Data Access Tab

- Updated with the important information that specifying a share distribution folder that is already in use can result in data loss.  This information is also added to the following topics: Download Updates Wizard: Data Access Page , Boot Image Properties - Data Access Tab , Operating System Images - Data Access Tab , and Operating System Install Packages - Data Access Tab .

Remove Package Page

- Updated with the information that the Select Group button is not used in Configuration Manager 2007.

Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Console Issues

- Updated the Troubleshooting issue "Error Message: This Function Is Not Supported on This Site System" with a second solution to verify that the account has read and execute permissions on the Configuration Manager installation folder on the site server.

Configuration Manager Client General Issues

- Updated for the new Troubleshooting issue "Available Cache Space and Location is Displayed Incorrectly on 64-Bit Configuration Manager Clients".

Operating System Deployment Task Sequence Variables

- Updated with the new task sequence variable _SMSTSTimezone.

Ports Used by Configuration Manager

- Updated with the clarification that the ports used by the software update point do not have to be the same throughout the hierarchy.

-- The Configuration Manager Writing Team

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