Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for March 2009
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First published on CloudBlogs on Mar, 20 2009

[Today's Post is provided by the Configuration Manager Writing Team .]

The Configuration Manager documentation library ( ) has been updated on the Web and the following information lists the topics that are new or contain significant changes since the February 2009 update. All topics that have been updated have Updated: March 1, 2009 at the top of the topic.

Most of the documentation changes in this update are a result of customers contacting us with questions, requests for clarifications, and notifying us of omissions and even the occasional typo - so thank you for helping to improve the documentation for others. We do value your feedback and try to incorporate it when possible. Although we can't promise to make the docs perfect for everybody, we are committed to continual improvement. So, keep that feedback coming, and contact the documentation team on our usual address of .

What's New in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library for March 2009

The following information lists the topics that are new or contain significant changes since the February 2009 update.

How to Deploy a Branch Distribution Point

- Updated with customer feedback that the documentation for this procedure should include information about using protected boundaries.

Problems Editing Configuration Data in the Configuration Manager Console

- Updated to clarify the first troubleshooting entry that configuration baselines and configuration items that were not created at the site will display with a lock symbol and cannot be edited.

AMT Provisioning Issues for Out of Band Managemen t

- Updated with the new troubleshooting entry "Configuration Manager Fails to Provision Computers Because the Active Directory OU or Container Does Not Exist". The help for the dialog box Out of Band Management Properties: General Tab has also been updated with the information that the Active Directory container value will not be dynamically updated if the previously selected OU or container has been renamed or deleted in Active Directory Domain Services.

Configuration Manager and Name Resolution

- Updated to reflect that DNS is required for name resolution when you are using the SP1 feature, out of band management.  This requirement has also been added as an external dependency in Prerequisites for Out of Band Management .

How to Remove the Trusted Root Key

- Updated with the corrected information that the trusted root key must be removed or replaced before you can successfully reassign a Configuration Manager client from one hierarchy to another hierarchy, even if the new site is published in Active Directory Domain Services. As an alternative to removing the trusted root key from the old hierarchy, you can reinstall the client with the trusted root key for the new hierarchy, for example, by using client push from the new site, or by specifying the SMSPublicRootKey property with CCMSetup.exe.

Determine Whether You Need to Enable Certificate Revocation Checking (CRL) On Clients (Native M...

- Updated to clarify that CRL checking for clients is enabled by default when the site is installed in native mode, and disabled by default when the site is installed in mixed mode and then migrated to native mode. Previously, the documentation just stated that this setting was enabled by default. There are several other topics that have also been updated with this clarification.

Prerequisites for Internet-Based Client Management

- Updated and revised for the verbs that are required for each Internet-based site system. This information might be required for firewall configuration.

Determine the Ports Required for Internet-Based Client Management

- Updated with specific information about the communication between servers running the software update point - for example, the Internet-based software update in the perimeter network and the active software update point in the intranet. Another scenario is when the software update point that accepts connections over the Internet synchronizes metadata with the active software update point in the parent site. This information is included in a number of topics related to Internet-based client management.

-- The Configuration Manager Writing Team

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