Announcement: Azure RMS Documentation Library Update for May 2015

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First published on CloudBlogs on May 29, 2015

Hi everybody

As per Carol’s introduction post , she's letting you know what's new and hot in the docs for this month - and hope you were able to join both of us in Simon May's Azure RMS Jumpstart earlier this month. If not, the recording should soon be available on the Microsoft Virtual Academy site (check the Recorded Events section).

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Dan (on behalf of the RMS team)

The Documentation Library for Azure Rights Management has been updated on the web and the latest content has Updated: May 1, 201 5 (or later) at the top of the topic.

Summary of the documentation available: Getting Started with Rights Management | Configuring Rights Management | Using Rights Management | Administering Rights Management by using Windows PowerShell

Plus, the Rights Management sharing application guides ( admin guide and user guide ) and FAQs (for Windows and mobile platforms ).

Super users and how/why/when to use them in Azure RMS has been a very popular question this month, so we've created a new topic ( Configuring Super Users for Azure Rights Management and Discovery Services or Data Recovery ) just for this feature, which pulls together information that was previously in multiple topics. We've also had questions about how to decommission Azure RMS from a production environment - not because any customer actually wanted to do this but because they want to deploy Azure RMS knowing that they could do this, if ever they wanted or needed to. It's part of our mission that you always stay in control of your data when you use Rights Management, so we've added instructions and recommendations in the Deactivating topic that help ensure you always have access to data that we protect, even if you decide to no longer use our information protection services.

There are no updates to the RMS sharing application documentation this month.

We value customer feedback and try to incorporate it when possible.  Although we can't promise to make the docs perfect for everybody, we are committed to continual improvement.  If you have any feedback about the docs for Azure RMS, email .

What's New in the Documentation Library for Azure Rights Management, May 2015

The following information lists the topics that contain significant changes since the last update (April 2015).

What is Azure Rights Management?

- Moved the certifications for Azure RMS to its own subsection, Security, compliance, and regulatory requirements so that it can more easily be referenced for security administrators who are specifically looking for this information.

Comparing Azure Rights Management and AD RMS

- Added the additional differentiator for the RMS sharing application, that it supports sharing with people outside your organization only when used with Azure RMS.

Requirements for Azure Rights Management

- Removed the operating system versions for the supported Windows operating systems and instead, reflected the differences in the Office versions supported.

Frequently Asked Questions for Azure Rights Management

- New entries, based on recently asked customer questions:

  • Can I integrate Azure RMS with my on-premises servers?
  • If I deploy Azure RMS in production, is my company then “locked into” the solution or risk losing access to content that we protected with Azure RMS?
  • How do we regain access to files that were protected by an employee who has now left the organization?

Migrating from AD RMS to Azure Rights Management

- Added a new limitation if you import your on-premises key to Azure RMS as archived. Also updated to clarify that although it's not ideal, you can still migrate your AD RMS to Azure RMS if you discover that the service has already been activated. For more information, see "What if your Azure RMS tenant is already activated?" in Step 3: Activate your RMS tenant.

Configuring Custom Templates for Azure Rights Management

- Updated to clarify that when you specify mail-enabled groups and you're synchronizing these from Active Directory on-premises, these groups can be distribution groups or security groups. This information applies to all configuration operations for Azure RMS, and so is also added to Preparing for Azure Rights Management .

Configuring Super Users for Azure Rights Management and Discovery Services or Data Recovery

- New topic, which explains what the super user feature is and how and why you might want to use it. The most typical scenario we get asked about is regaining access to files that somebody protected and then left the company. There's also a section about scripting because for data recovery scenarios, you usually want to remove protection from multiple files, multiple locations. That's a lot easier when you script it, using the newly released RMS Protection tool.

Decommissioning and Deactivating Azure Rights Management

- Updated for decommissioning options (should you ever decide to stop using Azure RMS) and updated the title to reflect this.

Logging and Analyzing Azure Rights Management Usage

- In the introduction, included a reference to the RMS usage reports in the Azure portal, and also added the tip into the instructions that if you don't see the option for Storage in the portal, you probably don't have an Azure subscription as listed in the prerequisites table.

Installing Windows PowerShell for Azure Rights Management

- Updated the prerequisites for .NET Framework to 4.5 with a tip that this version is automatically installed if you have at least Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012.

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