Announcement: Azure RMS Documentation Library Update for March 2015
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First published on CloudBlogs on Mar 31, 2015

Hi everybody

As per Carol’s introduction post , she's letting you know what's new and hot in the docs for this month.

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Dan (on behalf of the RMS team)

The Documentation Library for Azure Rights Management has been updated on the web and the latest content has Updated: March1, 2015 (or later) at the top of the topic.

Summary of the documentation available: Getting Started with Rights Management | Configuring Rights Management | Using Rights Management | Administering Rights Management by using Windows PowerShell

Plus, the Rights Management sharing application guides ( admin guide and user guide ) and FAQs (for Windows and mobile platforms ).

March continues to be a fairly quiet time for doc updates.  There are no significant updates to the RMS sharing application and the few updates we have are to incorporate customer feedback and questions. We took advantage of this quieter period to update our generic cloud symbol that we had been using for Azure RMS in the documentation, and replace it with the official Azure RMS symbol.  As a result, What is Azure Rights Management? has had quite a makeover. Want an official copy of the Azure RMS symbol for your own documentation?  You can download versions for Visio, PowerPoint, and .PNG files for this and other Azure symbols from here: Microsoft Azure, Cloud and Enterprise Symbol / Icon Set for Visio, PowerPoint, PNG

We value customer feedback and try to incorporate it when possible.  Although we can't promise to make the docs perfect for everybody, we are committed to continual improvement.  If you have any feedback about the docs for the RMS sharing application, or for Azure RMS, email .

What's New in the Documentation Library for Azure Rights Management, March 2015

The following information lists the topics that contain significant changes since the last update (February 2015).

What is Azure Rights Management?

- Updated the following pictures for Walkthrough of how Azure RMS works:

  • For content protection, the picture previously showed a single key to sign and encrypt the policy. The signing is done with the user’s private key, the encryption with the organization’s public key. Although this detail was in the text, the picture now shows two separate keys to clarify this.
  • For content consumption, the picture incorrectly showed the organization's public key decrypting the policy.  This is now corrected to show the organization's private key.

Requirements for Azure Rights Management

Updated for the following:

  • Added information to the infrastructure requirement to not terminate the TLS client-to-service connection (sometimes done for "SSL inspection") or use authentication on behalf of users with web proxy servers. Doing either of these will result in a failed client connection to Azure RMS.
  • Clarified that Microsoft OneDrive for Business is supported except when used with SharePoint Server 2013.

Terminology for Azure Rights Management

- Added the terms protect and unprotect , because these have specific meaning when in the context of Rights Management.  Also added an entry for use license , which is introduced in Walkthrough of how Azure RMS works and can be configured in a custom template, by using the offline access option, Number of days the content is available without an Internet connection in the Azure Management Portal.  It can also be configured by using the LicenseValidityDuration parameter with the Add-AadrmTemplate cmdlet.

Deploying the Azure Rights Management Connector

- Updated for the following:

  • For consistency, all 3 examples for the Add-AadrmRoleBasedAdministrator command to install the RMS connector by using the Microsoft RMS connector Administrator account now reference the ConnectorAdministrator role with a clarification that you can also use the GlobalAdministrator role.
  • The table of registry changes for File Classification Infrastructure was missing an entry for the Activation key, now added.

Azure Rights Management Cmdlets

Updated for the following:

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