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Announcement: Azure RMS Documentation Library Update for December 2014
Published Sep 08 2018 05:42 AM 298 Views
First published on CloudBlogs on Dec 30, 2014

Hi everybody

As per Carol’s introduction post , she's letting you know what's new and hot in the docs for this month.

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Dan (on behalf of the RMS team)

The Documentation Library for Azure Rights Management has been updated on the web and the latest content has Updated: December 1, 2014 at the top of the topic.

Summary of the documentation available: Getting Started with Rights Management | Configuring Rights Management | Using Rights Management | Administering Rights Management by using Windows PowerShell

Plus, the Rights Management sharing application guides ( admin guide and user guide ) and FAQs (for Windows and mobile platforms ).

We value customer feedback and try to incorporate it when possible.  Although we can't promise to make the docs perfect for everybody, we are committed to continual improvement.  If you have any feedback about the docs for the RMS sharing application, or for Azure RMS, email .

There are no significant doc updates this month for the RMS sharing application.

What's New in the Documentation Library for Azure Rights Management, December 2014

The following information lists the topics that contain significant changes since the last update (November 2014).

Requirements for Azure Rights Management

- Updated for the following:

Preparing for Azure Rights Management

- Updated to clarify that there no specific groups that you must enable for mailboxes; instead, enable mailboxes for the groups that you will use with Azure Rights Management. For example, when you configure custom templates in the Azure Management Portal, you cannot select groups unless they are mailbox-enabled.

Configuring Custom Templates for Azure Rights Management

- Updated the Exchange Online Only subsection in the Refreshing templates for users section, with the additional step to run the Set-RMSTemplate cmdlet with the Type parameter set to Distribution for each template that you want displayed in OWA.

Deploying the Azure Rights Management Connector

- Updated for the following:

  • In the introduction, clarified that If you manage your own tenant key for Azure RMS (the bring you own key, or BYOK scenario), the RMS connector and the on-premises servers that use it do not access the hardware security module (HSM) that contains your tenant key. This is because all cryptographic operations that use the tenant key are performed in Azure RMS, and not on-premises.
  • A tip in the prerequisites section that if you are using Outlook Web Access or mobile devices that use Exchange ActiveSync IRM and it is critical that you maintain access to emails and attachments that are protected by Azure RMS, we recommend that you deploy a load-balanced group of connector servers to ensure high availability.
  • Added the mailbox server role as also requiring configuration to use the RMS connector when you use Exchange Server 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions for Azure Rights Management

- New entry:

  • What features can or can’t be used with the different subscriptions for Azure RMS?

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