An update to our blog comments policy and where to go for assistance and support

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First published on CloudBlogs on Apr 14, 2016
We think of our blog as a place for discussing important topics and sharing updates and news about Configuration Manager, and we appreciate all of the feedback and conversation our posts generate. The passion and input from our community makes us better and keeps us inspired, and we want to continue to have rich conversations and hearing your thoughts about the topics discussed on the blog. In order to keep the discussions timely and focused, we’re making a few changes to how we manage comments on this blog. Starting today, commenting will be limited to the first 14 days after each post is published. Where to go for help and support: While the blog might seem like a natural place to go when you’re having issues and need support for Configuration Manager, blog comments aren’t actually the most effective way to troubleshoot and won’t typically get the visibility needed to address your issues. The following methods are best when you need assistance with an issue or require support for Configuration Manager:
  1. Post to one of the Configuration Manager forums. MVPs , the product engineering team and others in the community watch for and respond to posts there. This is probably the most efficient place to ask questions and to get help.
  2. Contact Microsoft Support and open a support case.
  3. If you can consistently reproduce an issue and think it's a product issue, file it on our Connect site . While a response is not guaranteed, the product team does investigate everything that is reported.
  1. The Configuration Manager UserVoice site can be used to submit feedback (design change requests or DCRs) on the product.
One final note, the TechNet Terms of Use (5c) talks about conduct in public, community interactions and refers to the Rules of Conduct, which has a section on Community Code of Conduct with do's and don'ts. Please keep these in mind before commenting on this blog. Thanks again for providing feedback and helping us to continue enhancing our products. – Yvette O’Meally Additional resources:
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