AIP Webinar Recordings


Below are the links to the recordings of the AIP webinar sessions.


AIP Unified Labeling webinar recording:


May 23, 7:00 AM PT / 10:00 AM ET /

2:00 PM GMT

Unified Labeling in AIP


Slide deck

Attached below


AIP 6 Part Series:


NOTE: We are currently experiencing a problem with many of these recordings. The links that do not work have been temporarily removed until the problem is resolved. We are working to resolve the problem as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience.  


Recordings of most of the sessions can be found at


Update: Several people requested the slide decks, so we have attached them. 


If you were unable to join us live, but have questions about something covered in the webinar, you can ask them at


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We hope you'll join us!

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Thank you guys, all your effort is highly appreciated.

Keep doing and walking.


Hi were can I download PP presentation? 

+1 :) 

@Kenannn T yes in the second presentation there were links to the AIP Scanner installation best practice that the presenter mentioned would be made available through the sharing of the PowerPoint decks? We need the PowerPoint slides to access the links not the recording of the presentation.



where to find the PPT's used during the presentations plz 

I wonder if the slides used in the webinar is accessible ? @Ryan Heffernan 

+1 for ppt... thanks @Ryan Heffernan 

@Ryan Heffernancan you post the decks from the remaining webinars (i.e. April 4, April 11, and April 18)? These webinars and the content are very helpful and informative. We are incorporating the guidance, insight and technical detail into our pilot.

Guys how is it possible to download offline copies for both videos and decks

@Ryan Heffernan 

thanks for posting the information it is really appreciated can you please check the link to the 2nd webinar "Discovery: Discover data at rest" - neither the EU or US links work (they appear to send me to the live webinar not a recorded session)


again many thanks   

@Michael Webster @Ryan Heffernan  The first three webinar recordings try to take me to a live recording available :crying_face:

the 1st and 3rd took me to Teams and after about 20 seconds a stream session started to play @Jason E. Heiser 

@Michael Webster 


I'm also having issues - neither of the "Part 2 - Discover" links work for EU or US recordings.  I'm directed to Teams where I'm told "The live event is not found. Make sure the event exists and is not cancelled". 


I took notes during the live broadcast but would really like to re-watch.  Hopefully the links can be corrected.


Finally thanks for all of your efforts on a great series of events

@Ryan Heffernan  and Team; unable to view recordings for AIP webinars. They are all coming up as "Live event not found. Make sure the event...." Is there an updated link to these recordings? Thank you; eager to view this awesome content :)

@Carl Barrett Thanks for the feedback. 

we are working on fixing this. will update once we are done. 

what happened to the recordings? most links are broken
Is there an update for the webinar recordings' links? The current links still do not work. :(



Sorry about the issues here. We investigated to see if there was perhaps some expiration setting we had missed. That doesn't appear to be the case. I've opened a support ticket internally, and will report additional details here as soon as I have them. Thanks for your patience.