AIP watermarks not applying when document is viewed/printed from excel online stored in OD4B

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We have a document with watermarking applied through AIP. If I view this document in the desktop version of Excel and hit print the watermark applies perfectly. If I view it in Excel Online and hit print it does not show the watermark.


Please tell me that this feature works with your online tools and that this must be some sort of anomaly???

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How are you applying the watermark? Manual or auto label?
Ok, I was able to reproduce the issue, but I think it's not related to AIP. I think it's a limitation of Excel online and watermarks (if you select "Edit in Excel" you should be able to see your watermark again).
You could configure OD4B to open in desktop app by default, by giong to site settings -> Libraries and Lists -> Documents -> Configuration -> Advanced configuration -> Default behavior for opening docs

Yup, pretty sure the Excel Web App does not support watermarks, although I wasn't able to find a document that says that exact thing...

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Very disappointing. Every solution I try to implement from this Suite feels half baked... 

sorry about that, just remember it's not an AIP issue but an Excel online limitation. Please consider forcing "open in desktop" for the library as a workaround.