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Moving to the Unified Labeling (UL) platform can be confusing. There are two portals for administration (AIP portal in Azure, and Security and Compliance Centre) , three different client options (V1 & V2 plugins, and Native) and questions regarding the functionality and capabilities available across these options.


In this session, we’ll start by defining Unified Labeling and then discuss the major pain points we’ve been hearing from our customers. We’ll talk about the features and purpose of each client available and walk through the mechanics of the move to Unified Labels and how to manage them in the Security and Compliance Centre (SCC). As always, we're eager to hear your feedback about how we can make the experience better.

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Thank you Ryan for taking the initiative to help educate clients and partners about how to navigate the migration path to Unified Labeling.

These are the pain points we are experiencing that we hope is discussed in the webinar.

1) Clients have been hearing that the native Office ribbon integration was coming 1H 2019, so they declined to install the MSI client while waiting for the native ribbon integration (why do a big software push to 5,000 computers if the same capability is going to be available in the Ribbon?). Then the date slipped to 2H 2019 (a wide range of 6 months, sometime before December 31st). This is basically putting many of our AIP projects on hold for 6 months.

2) When the native Office ribbon integration does come, it will lack automatic labeling. This is the main reason some of our customers have upgraded from EMS E3 to EMS E5.
So now we are thinking: should we go back to these customers and say, you know what, let's go with deploying the OLD AIP Client, but just realize that this will be end-of-life in 12 months once the new AIP client reaches feature-parity, so just be prepared for a 2nd major software deployment to the desktop a year later. (hint: big organizations don't like touching desktops twice in a year for the same technology when it can be avoided).

3) Communicating the loss of the track and revoke in the new Unified Labeling client.
We have been selling this as a major value of AIP, and now it is missing in two ways, which is also confusing to communicate: (1) it is gone from the file explorer integration, forever with no plans of adding it back, and (2) the web tracking portal is gone for now but it will be brought back at some future date with no ETA.
"We are working on a new track and revoke portal but there is still no ETA." - Maayan Naaman Rand
Reference [In Comment post from original AIP announcement here:

So for the customers that need track/revoke functionality, do we tell them to remain on the older client? Same conversation goes for the custom permissions feature. Seems like that is not available nor planned for future releases.