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Hi Team,


I have large repository of size 800 TB.From infra perspective, I have one AIP server called AIP_1 where aipscanner service is running and SQL server AIP_SQL_1 which has SQL instance. I completed setting up AIP UL Scanner for one repository of size 100 GB and scan is running fine. As a next step i planned to include more repository by creating more content scan job and assigning it to cluster. I tried to execute Install AIPscanner by changing cluster name. After that, the assigned gets shifted to new cluster. I am not able to execute more than 1 content job at a given time.


Is it possible to run multiple nodes with single AIP windows service (or) do i need to setup new server AIP_2 (or) create a new windows service aipscannerservice_2 in the same AIP_1 server and run it ?


Please suggest.




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Hello Maverick1655,

Every AIP scanner service will need to be installed on a separate server/VM but you are able to use the SQL server (with different instances of course).
Do you want the AIP scanner to process multiple file shares simultaneously or is there another reason why you want to use multiple service instances?

@BemmelenPatrick i want to scan multiple repositories

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Then it is best practices to load balance your cluster by creating multiple nodes and adding multiple scan jobs to that cluster.
Putting multiple scan jobs on only one node will decrease the performance for your node, meaning it will take a long time for all the jobs to complete.

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