AIP / UL Add-In keyboard shortcuts (especially for Outlook)?

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Hi all,


maybe a stupid question, but many users "complain" that they cannot use shortcuts to classify an Email in Outlook (ProPlus). They prefer to send Emails with ALT + S, but AIP requires now to set a classification label (enforced by policy; it is mandatory to classify all Emails & documents). That's the real pain my users have and I have to deal with the whole day ;)


Quick Steps also doesn't provide a "workaround".


Any ideas / comments / statement on this please?


Thanks & BR


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@MartinZoller Not a stupid question at all, this should work.

There's a bug in the current version of the client with regards to support for keyboard shortcuts. In theory CTRL-Shift-~ allows you to launch the labeling UI, and then you should be able to tab between labels but the second part is not working. We are looking into releasing a fix for this. 

Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Thank you @Enrique Saggese !


Good to know. But does the shortcut also work for the "old" AIP client or just for the new UL client? We are using I hit CTRL-Shift-~ but nothing happens. So I think this "labeling UI" is only available for Unified Labels, am I right? I understand that we have to wait for the fix anyway.




@MartinZoller Correct, I do not think this was working on the Classic client before. I am still trying to find out about the status of the fix for UL. Will keep you posted once I hear back from engineering. 

@Enrique Saggese is there an update on this ?