AIP super user with PIM

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I have created a M365 group for AIP super user which i have enabled PIM and added the users who is suppose to have access to the super user feature and did the powershell commando for adding the group as the AIPservicesuperuser group. I am now testing it with my user where i pimmed myself in and waited at least 15 minutes. I tried opening an encrypted file in a SharePoint team that im not supposed to have permissions to view but as i have super user i will. Unfortunately even tho i have that role assigned to me via PIM i get the error saying i dont have permission to open the document. Am i missing something? Keep in mind i only have that role assigned to me at the moment. Thanks


i followed this documentation:

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Probably seeing the standard issue with PIM-able roles not taking effect in an acceptable timeframe, AIP is certainly not the only one...