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AIP - show label bar by default in Office apps, but let the user decide? Part 2

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Hi Everyone, found this topic

but still not clear how to show AIP bar to users IF I do not install UL Client.

Atm, I have two AVD Win 10 machines, one with UL client installed and the second one just M365 for enterprise with no AIP client.

 On the first machine with UL client I can see bar,



On the second machine I do not

So probably a dumb question , but how to enable bar for users if we do not install UL client.. 


One more thing I tried to use is this command

Set-LabelPolicy -Identity "<PolicyName>" -AdvancedSettings @{HideBarByDefault="false"}

However, i cant find which module do I have to install to use that.

Tried ExchangeOnlineManagement and Security & Compliance Center PowerShell , but no luck

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You can't show the bar without the labeling client. The config of the bar is part of the labeling client, not built-in unified labeling.

You Connect -ExchangeOnline and then Connect -IPPSSession and then use the Set-Label cmdlet.


Set-LabelPolicy -Identity <enter GUID> -AdvancedSettings @{HideBarByDefault="False"}