AIP Scanner not scanning file shares, only works to scan items on the Node itself.

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I set up the scanner per the parameters in the Microsoft SBD video and it works and scan's, but it only scans the directory on the local machine. But it doesn't scan any target machine share when I enter the repository \\servername\share\folder.


The Node which is the only device I can scan on is on prem and so is the target machine's file shares I'm trying to scan, I don't get any failures after the scan completes, but its definitely clear its only completing the scan on the local machine folder I targeted. 


Do I have to install the scanner on each server I wish to scan?? The MSFT Docs aren't very clear, at least not to me on how to do this. I went as far as trying to do the install-aipscanner and setting that up on the other server, entered the same info I did for the original setup but it states it can't access the database. Maybe thats just a lack of SQL knowledge on my part on how to make that work which is th missing part here.


The Azure Information Protection Service is running on the additional server Im trying to run a discovery scan on for the file share.


Any ideas?

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