AIP Scanner Issues


Hello Everyone,


I am trying to run the AIP Scanner and after installation the 'Scan Now' button is grayed out. Does anybody know why? I am using a sec admin role, could it be that? Also, I am getting in the node the message that says 'Offline: no cluster found', although I created a cluster.


If anyone can shed some light that would be great.

Thank you.

Maria Y.

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Reading at another thread I restarted the AIP Scanner service and that made the button available. Now I get the message 'Error: DB Error" int he node. What is the resolution for this?

@MariaYacaman Is that "Error: DB Error" displayed in the Content Scan Job Status column? I just setup my AIP Scanner last week, and I saw that same error. If I remember right, after I started my first scan, that "error" disappeared. Then the number of scanned items displayed in the column.

  1. @MariaYacaman having the same issue, were you able to solve this? thanks!

@MauriceBollag I do not remember clearly but I remember I re-started the service and it started working. Have you given that a try? One other thing was, check which account you are using to run the Scanner and which one to login into the server. I remember we had a mix up on which one was used for what. Let me know if any of this works.