AIP Scanner for Unified Labels possible?




We are deploying AIP with Unified Labels (UL). From what I read from an old post (few months ago), AIP scanner still only works with classic labels and not UL. 


Is this the case? If it is, is there an ETA?

Is there any other alternative to automatically classify on-premises files that are on network shares?



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@Chuck99No ETA as I understand it. Latest i read was coming soon and I heard there was a call for test customers last week, so I suppose it is near. :)

@Pål Winther Thank you Pal for your quick reply on that! In fact, I also found that information in the latest blog from the AIP Blog where it also states that there are other nice features that are coming soon like the support for the following:

  1. SharePoint Online
  2. Office for the web
  3. Built-in labeling in Office for Windows (no need for an add-in)
  4. Outlook web app
  5. Outlook Mobile (iOS and Android)

For people that wants to know more about that, you can read the blog post here:

Thank you!


Yes, it's coming soon and it's very promising :)

@Chuck99 I have the same query and the article

states that this isn't a blocker 'As of today (August 2019), the Azure Information Protection scanner supports only labels from Azure Information Protection blade but this is not a blocker as the Azure Information Protection label metadata is identical to unified labels.'

Can anyone advise, does this mean we can scan on-prem sources using current AIP scanner which doesn't support UL? Presumably once its integrated, we can then migrate AIP labels to UL and carry on seamlessly or are there some pitfalls or alternative approach to consider?

@Chris JohnstonAs long as you have activated unified labeling your label configuration will be "synchronized" to the classic portal and can be published there as well. This means that needing to use the classic portal/classic client should not be a blocker for going for UL with sensitivity labels.

@Chuck99The unified labeling scanner is now in public preview. :)

@Pål Winther  TY, just saw that yesterday. Great news!