AIP Scanner for SharePoint Online


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I would like to understand if there is a roadmap for when AIP Scanner will be able to scan SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Most of our use cases are for Online Site Collections at the moment.


Please let me know.

Thank you.

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@Enrique Saggese: Is this something you can speak to? 

@MariaYacamanAIP scanner is for on-premises resources like fileservers and SharePoint. For cloud stuff like SharePoint Online we have Office 365 DLP and Microsoft Cloud App Security.

So Cloud App Security will scan Sharepoint online or OneDrive and suggest the same AIP policies defined for our on prem resources?   Is the feature parity for Cloud and on prem resources between AIP Scanner and Cloud App Security

From my experience, reporting the discovered files and info types is not great from CAS. There is also the limit of 5000 records when exporting from CAS which is a significant restriction.


Ideally, there should be some means to scan the online files so that the results are reported back into the AIP central reporting where proper analysis is possible.