AIP Scanner & DFS-R Shares

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Hello All,


Just wondering if anyone knows if AIP Scanner is support to use with DFS-R Shares.


As I understand it AIP Scanner adds metadata to the file attributes of each file. As they are attributes of the file they are also replicated via DFS-R and therefore there are no further considerations to be worried about using AIP Scanner on DFS-R shares.


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AIP adds custom property stored in the file. It's similar to you opening the file -> info -> properties -> advanced properties -> custom. If you do not have issue with this you should not have issues with AIP labels.

Hi Denis,


So from this you can confirm that AIP scanner on a DFS-R file share is supported?







Was DFS-R confirmed as supported by AIP Scanner? 


I'm looking to implement this in our Organisation and we're using DFS shares. It seems like it "should" work but would prefer some official confirmation.


Cheers, Marc

Yes it should, but it was not particularly tested with DFS. Scanner used regular CIFS protocol to get the file and write it back. If your DFS is a standard DFS that uses CIFS there is no reason not to support it,

Yeah, standard DFS shares so I guess I'll test it out