AIP - running Execute-AzureAdLabelSync appeared to do nothing

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I have Azure P1 licensing and M365 Business Premium.  I would like to use Purview/AIP for Teams/Sharepoint.  The "groups and sites" checkbox is not enabled when creating a new sensitivity label.  I followed the steps, connecting with Powershell 7, WinRM as basic, connected to exchange poweshell,  etc.  I ran "Execute-AzureAdLabelSync" several times. It did not error and returned to the prompt with no feedback. It took maybe 4/10th or a second to run, so long enough to have done something, but no error and no confirmation of success.  I am usually good at getting powershell errors, so I know one when I see it.  I am running these commands as global admin.


This page implies I have the correct license


Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?






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Thank you for this! I was in the same boat as you running execute-azureadlabelsync with no errors but nothing happening over the course of a week.