AIP: Rights Management template can't be found

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Hi All,

I got the below error message (screenshot) while trying to apply the confidential label i have created.  
I have set my Confidential label permissions:
   Protection:  Azure (cloud key)
   Set permissions 
     Users:  all members 
     Permission:  either of these preset permission:  Co-Owner, Co-Author, Reviewer, Viewer and Custom not working when applying this Confidential level to client ms word, excel, etc.

I have attached the screenshot of the error i encounter on client side. 

Newbie question here, do i need to create a label template in Rights Management?  I thought this right management is already the AIP? 
RM template not found.PNG
Thanks in advance!


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Hi I have the same problem 

Have you found a solution?

If this is the first time that this computer has tried to apply a label with protection and you have waited at least 15 minutes and still get the same problem, it sounds like the computer or your user account can't get to the protection service (Azure Rights Management).  In other words, a bootstrapping problem and there are many variables that can cause this, including your firewall configuration.  Does this happen for all computers, and all users?  Knowing that can help to narrow down the problem.


Check the requirements for Azure Information Protection and if the problem persists, open a support ticket to get you up & running.

I have exactly the same issue whenever I add encryption to a label it just generates this message. It made me wonder if there are specific licence requirements that have to be added to Office365 to enable the encryption part. 

sure enough. although office 365 E3 includes Azure Rights Management it is not enabled on your account by default. it has to be added from the Azure management portal. Once added everything works like a dream.


I had the same problem with same error message, but found a solution.
The problem is due to the Ou in which the Group which is assigned to the Policy, was created.


I created a second Group with same Attributes but in a different OU in my local active Directory. After email-enabling, I synchronized that Group to azure ad.

Next step, I removed the original Group from the AIP Policy and replaced it with the second Group and saved the Change. Then, Logout the Group member and Login the user again. It works immediately.

Hope this helps.

@Alexis Noel Hynson 




1. I was facing the same issue, It appears to be buggy a bit

2. It is related to AIP Client authentication and the labels in which you define permissions which means enable Encryption,

3. As is my case Label without encryption continue to work every time

4. So i re-launched outlook

5. Clicked on Sensitivity Label Icon

6. Clicked on Help and Feedback

7. Reset Settings -> Close ->Close

8. Close Outlook

9. Re-Launch Outlook

10. Waited for AIP Client Auth

11. New Message apply any label with encryption same message

12. Close Outlook - relaunch Outlook

13. New message - apply label with encryption message changes it does not say template word anymore, but still shows some error

14. if you have any label which has following check screenshot click that

15. A small window pops-up that shows retreiving.....

16. after which all Labels starts working fine with encryption






Hi all,


when I am doing those settings manually it works. Before I have used a macro for individual file access. This is unfortunately not working anymore. Any idea's what's the reason?

Thank you.

Hi @Alexis Noel Hynson,i had a similar error and i could solved , you need to create a policy on Azure Information Protection too, publish it and then test. 


Please try this.



You need a valid AIP license where AIP protection is included .

Try this:
- Open Word, for example.
- Click Sensitivity icon
- Click Help and Feedback
- Confirm the action and restart the application.
When Word (or any Office app) starts, will sync templates from server and it will work.
Well it worked for me, hope it will work for you too.