AIP Protected pdf files - cannot be opened with Edge Chromium Browser

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Hi everyone,

actually I have a problem with labeled pdf documents and the Edge Chromium browser. I hope that someone has an idea how it can be solved.


The problem is, that when I label a pdf document with protection (custom permissions) and set view only rights for another whole domain, they are not able to open the pdf with the actual Edge Chromium browser. With the AIP UL Client and Adobe Reader, there is no problem.

When opening it with the Edge Chromium browser, the error "Need Permissons - Contact the owner of the file to give you permissions" appears.


Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?


Thanks in advance

Marvin Peters

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Did you find a solution to this issue?

I am having the same issue with PDF files that are protected on a customers sharepoint site.
Opening the files in Azure Information Protection client works fine, but when trying to open directly in Edge Chromium build 87 it says "Need Permissions".

Hi @ToMMeR 

unfortunately, there seems to be no current solution to this problem. At least that is the feedback I have received.



AIP Protected PDF files are supported in Edge Chromium within the same tenant but for guest accounts like when you share a protected PDF to an external users, it does not work as Edge does not support this feature across tenant. We had a support ticket opened and the engineer came back with the following comments: - "This behavior is actually by design and Edge  chromium currently supports opening PDFs only from same tenant."