AIP Print process water mark or label

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Looking for a solution, where, when a document has been labelled using AIP or a sensitivity label is printed a water mark or something like this is applied to the document when being printed.


Is this possible?


Details to be printed would related to the user account being used to print the document along with the local date and time the document was printed.


Looking forward to all your helpful replies and suggestions.




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@torquetechit_tonyd , The question is confusing. But I will try to understand and answer.


1. How to print water mark if document is already applied with an label?

ANS: Yes, The water mark is printable by default. But it cannot be dynamic. Like one user get water mark and another user does not. 


2. Printing user account when print any labeled document.

ANS; This is not part of Sensitivity label feature. This need to be investigated in the printer configuration for your organization.


Please revert back to with revised question if I understood your question wrongly