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I was told recently that the standalone AIP P2 licence was no longer available.  Can you please confirm whether this is true?

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@PeterRising Thank you for that question. 

We had recently announced updated for our compliance offering and licenses. With that announcement, AIP P2 is still available as part of EMS E5 but not as a standalone license. 

The new license offer the updated M365 E5 Compliance and M365 E5 Information Protection and Governance which include AIP P2 functionality and in addition to that, the complete MIP and DLP offering. 

I recommend you to review the latest license documentation that is available at: 

@Nir Hendler 


Thank you for the explanation Nir.  Was their any particular reason to remove AIP P2 as a standalone product?  Did you find there was not much demand for it?

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@PeterRising It's not that there was low demand but more that AIP P2 include just a specific subset of the current MIP platform capabilities. Therefor we needed to update the licensing and ensure customers get the proper value and not just specific AIP Client auto-labeling and Scanner.

@Nir Hendler 


Understood.  Thank you for the explanation.  :smile: