AIP Not Detecting Metadata Tags or Not Writing Metadata Tags To Document Properties

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It appears that the AIP cmdlets for adding metadata tags and reading metadata tags for classification/sensitivity label migration will only work for Custom Document Properties, these cmdlets do not appear to work for any of the regular Document Properties (Author, Title, Keywords etc.). Has anyone experienced this or have resolved an AIP label to read or write to these regular document properties at all?


Specifically, these cmdlets will not allow tags to regular document properties...

Set-Label -Identity <GUID> -AdvancedSettings @{customPropertiesByLabel="Keywords,<classification metadata>"}

Set-Label -Identity <GUID>  -AdvancedSettings @{labelByCustomProperties="Migrate Classification,<classification metadata>"}


I do realize that the cmdlet syntax includes customProperties but I did not realize this was specifying the actual Custom Properties, I thought it was "custom" since it was configurable on a label by label basis.

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