AIP - labels not visible in OWA / Android client


Hey everyone,


I am testing currently warning/notifying that messages goes outside of the company (pop-up).


I have configured labels in unified labeling, and later created policies in Azure portal - all worsk great in Outlook. The problem is I do not see any option in Android Outlook client (newest, just resintalled) to apply them, if I click to compose new email I am missing these three dots "..." - near camera, nor in the upper right corner, just empty - same in OWA, no "sensitivity" option. So I've created a policy in security center, choosen all those labes and choosen encryption - deployed this policy on the same group I've deployed policy in Azure Portal - still nothing. What am I doing wrong here?


Appreciate your help,


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@Pawel Jarosz 


OK, figured that out, needed to set up some policies settings in security and compliance portal.


Just to inform if anyone struggling with the same: pop-ups do not work on Android nor OWA - only on Outlook.