AIP Label missing after creating

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I created an AIP sub-label for just outlook do not forward using Set user-defined permissions (Preview) under protection settings. It saved properly, but on portal I can't see this sub-label appearing. It's been more than 24 hours. 

If I attempt to create another sub-label with same name, it throws error that the sub-label with same name exists. Any thoughts?

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Which portal are you referring to? I understand that you have created it from the Azure AIP blade, as that's the only one that exposes the user-defined permissions afaik, but are you saying you are not able to see the newly created label in the AIP blade or? If so, there's probably some issue on the backend, I'd suggest checking via the PowerShell module just in case, then opening a support case.


You should have a default "do not forward" label btw.

@Vasil Michev Yes. I created from Azure portal AIP blade. I did not see any default Do Not Forward Label in that. The custom DNF label was a sub-label. When you hit to get-aadrmstemplate, it didn't show me.

If you cannot see it with PowerShell either, I guess something went wrong on the backend, open a support ticket.


The default one is not a real label, thus you cannot see it in the portal, as detailed for example here: